Travel Bundle Comparison

Travel Bundle Comparison

Accessory Item Bundle 1 Bundle 2 Bundle 3 Bundle 4
Kit bag
Breathalysers (twin-pack) *
Emergency bulb kit *
Headlight beam adapters *
Magnetic UK badge *
Reflective vest(s) *       ✔ (1)       ✔ (4)       ✔ (4)       ✔ (4)
Warning triangle *  
First aid kit    
Life hammer    
Tow rope    
Sun/Snow shade (windscreen cover)    
LED Head torch    
Folding shovel      
Fire extinguisher      
Gauntlet gloves      
Shoe spikes(1 pair Large; 1 pair Medium)      
Foil survival jacket(s)             ✔ (4)
Kneeling pad      


* Items legally required in France (some indirectly †).

Many of the products above are compulsory for driving in Europe, please check the current legislation in your destination country (and those you plan to travel through).

Summary explanation:
Bundle 1 - for a single occupant vehicle (all compulsory items except for a warning triangle); 
Bundle 2 - for a typical family with 2 adults and 2 children (all compulsory items);
Bundle 3 - for a typical family who like to be well equipped (all compulsory and recommended items except for a fire extinguisher).
Bundle 4 - 'The Full Monty' for a typical family who like to be very well equipped (all compulsory items, all recommended items plus useful extras).

Notes on legality/requirements:

Some items are explicitly required by law, while others are indirectly required. For example there is technically no law to carry an emergency bulb kit, however if an indicator fails on your vehicle the French Police can insist it is fixed before you proceed with your journey. Therefore it is prudent to carry spare bulbs to avoid significant delay to your travel.

Good Samaritan law:

Certain jurisdictions (e.g. the state of vermont and France) impose an affirmative obligation on a person to provide assistance to an injured party, if such person can do so without danger or peril to any person. Similar precedents exist in many countries including in English common law (e.g. Australia). This presents additional potential requirements which are not necessarily clearly prescribed. For example, it is unlikely you would be asked to show, or be fined for not having a tow rope. However, it is possible that you could encounter a scenario where that item would enable you to assist a person in peril, as the law requires if that action would not endanger others.