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Please check your owners handbook to ensure snow chain suitability.

Here are a few suggestions to help:

1. Verify you have noted the numbers correctly from the tyre.

2. If you have navigated to a specific category or product page, only tyre sizes covered by that product/category will be shown. To search across all our ranges, please use the tyre size box on the homepage.

3. Call or email us (we will investigate and advise), if it is just an unusual size we may still have options for you.


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Polar 9mm

From: £35.96 (per pair)

RRP: £39.95 | You Save £3.99 (10.00%)

  • High quality mild-steel chains
  • 9mm quick-fit manual-tensioned
  • Suitable for small to mid-sized cars
  • Not for electric or performance models

Konig ZIP 9

From: £62.96 (per pair)

RRP: £69.95 | You Save £6.99 (10.00%)

  • Quick-fit manual-tensioning chain  
  • Hardened steel for increased durability 
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty
  • 9mm chain protrusion

Thule/Konig Zip Ultra 9mm

From: £80.96 (per pair)

RRP: £89.95 | You Save £8.99 (10.00%)

  • Quick-fit & auto-tensioning
  • Premium quality hardened steel
  • Durable with 5 year guarantee
  • Used by and vehicles

Konig XG-Cross

From: £152.96 (per pair)

RRP: £169.95 | You Save £16.99 (10.00%)

  • Designed for compact SUV's & crossovers
  • 9mm high tensile snow chains  
  • Premium quality auto-tensioned
  • Diamond pattern with welded double traction plates

Thule/Konig CS-9

From: £116.96 (per pair)

RRP: £129.95 | You Save £12.99 (10.00%)

  • Quick-fit & auto-tensioning with quick-release
  • Alloy wheel protectors included
  • Premium quality hardened steel chains
  • Durable with 5 year guarantee

Thule/Konig Easy Fit

From: £197.06 (per pair)

RRP: £218.95 | You Save £21.89 (10.00%)

  • Awards won for fast & easy fitting
  • Premium 9mm chain made with hardened steel & reinforced links
  • Hard wearing automatic tensioning chain with 5 year guarantee
  • Carry-case doubles as a kneeling-mat with integrated instructions

Thule K-Summit

From: £333.00 (per pair)

RRP: £370.00 | You Save £37.00 (10.00%)

  • Zero clearance required on inside tyre wall
  • Fits by attaching onto a wheel nut
  • Suitable for all passenger vehicles 
  • Easy to fit* & avoids contact with alloys
  • See also: XL (SUV), XXL (SUV over 2T) & Vans.

Thule CK-7

From: £125.10 (per pair)

RRP: £139.00 | You Save £13.90 (10.00%)

  • Thin (7mm projection) premium snow chain
  • High-tensile manual tensioning chain
  • Developed for limited clearance applications
  • Suitable for all passenger vehicles

Polar 7mm

£62.96 (per pair)

RRP: £69.95 | You Save £6.99 (10.00%)

  • Budget, mild steel chain
  • Suitable for small cars
  • 7mm quick-fit manual tensioned
  • Twisted links reduce protrusion

Fit & Go Sox

£40.46 (per pair)

RRP: £44.95 | You Save £4.49 (10.00%)

  • Textile anti-skid wheel covers
  • Quick, easy-to-fit & highly rated by independent reviews
  • Suitable for all passenger cars
  • Used by and fleet vehicles

Passenger Cars

Which snow chain should I use for my vehicle?

The snow chain you decide to use is largely down to your own personal choice.  As a general rule, the Polar range is our basic range – they are great for getting you out of trouble in this country, or to make your travel legal and safe on mountain roads in Europe.  Visually the Polar range of chains is the same as the Zip Ultra range and the basic fitting method is the same.  The Polar range of snow chains need to be manually tensioned – this means that after fitting the chain it is necessary to drive about 100 yards and then get out and re-tighten the chain through a ratchet.  This is a very quick and simple operation and can be seen on our fitting video. The Polar range of snow chains are suitable for most passenger vehicles, but we do not recommend them for heavy people carriers.

The Zip Ultra range of snow chains are similar to the Polar range but are made of a better quality, high tensile steel.  They are more hardwearing than the Polar range and are suitable for all passenger vehicles, including people carriers.  Zip Ultra snow chains are automatically tensioned – this means that they are designed to tighten around the wheel of your vehicle as you drive, making fitting easier. The CS-9 range is a premium version of the Zip Ultra, with a quick-release system and alloy protectors included.

For people who wish to make life easier the Thule Easy-Fit chains are a premium range for passenger cars and MPVs designed with ease-of-use in mind. Winning Awards for their innovative design and speedy installation mechanism, these have to be the easiest snow chains to fit and remove ever produced.

Fit and Go Sox are another option, but these do not offer as much traction as a snow chain.  They are lightweight and easy to fit, and are perfect to store in your car for use over short distances.  They have become more popular in recent years as customers perceive them to be simpler to fit. The reduced traction means they do not meet legal requirements in European ski resorts where snow chains must be carried.

The K-Summit range of snow chains is used mainly by cars with limited clearance between the wheel and the suspension and/or braking components of the car.  The K-Summit snow chain fits to the wheel nut on the front of the wheel and so requires no space behind the wheel.  It is easy and convenient to fit and is made of high quality steel. K-Summits are suitable for all passenger vehicles.

The final snow chain in the passenger car range is the 7mm Thule CK-7.  This is a specialist chain for vehicles with limited clearance between the wheel and the suspension or braking components of the vehicle.

The CK-7 snow chain is made of special twisted links which reduces the chain thickness to 7mm, rather than the standard 9mm thickness of a Polar or Konig snow chain for passenger cars.  This snow chain can be used on passenger vehicles where clearance is just too small for a 9mm chain, but sufficient for a 7mm.

All of our vehicle traction products, both snow chains and snow socks, are easy to fit, but we strongly recommend that you practise fitting them in dry conditions.  Please watch our fitting videos if you need any guidance.

** K-Summits while easy-to-fit do require setup (and familiarisation) before use.