Fitting snow chains

To check what chains are suitable for your vehicle please call us or view our FAQs.

Fitting a manually tensioned snow chain

How to fit a manual tensioning quick-fit snow chain such as the Polar 9mm/16mm, Zip-9 or Zip Transport.

Fitting a snow sock

How to fit a snow sock (tyre sock/snow cover/snow sox)

Fitting a Thule K-summit

Demo video for fitting of Thule K-Summit Snow chains.

Fitting an automatic tensioning snowchain

How to fit an auto-tensioned quick-fit snow chain such as the Konig Zip Ultra or XG-12 Pro.

Fitting Drive-On Snow Chains

Fitting (How To) tutorial on fitting drive-on commercial snow chains from Konig

Konig CS-9 Snow Chains Tutorial Video

König CS-9: The only snow chain with automatic removal sysem (& auto-tensioning). La seule chaîne à démontage automatique.

Thule Easy-Fit Snow Chain Fitting

Demo video for Thule Easy-Fit and Easy-Fit SUV snow chains.

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