Thule/Konig Fitting Guide

Here you can view/download the Thule/Konig snow chain fitting guide, showing which chains they recommend can be fitted to a large number of specific vehicles. This should only be used as a guide (thus the prefaced disclaimer) meaning you should also manually check or get someone else to. There is more information on checking your clearance in our FAQs, which we strongly recommend reading in-full.

Remember: Your vehicle may be the same make and model as your friend or neighbour, that does not guarantee you have the same clearance or need the same type/size of chain (or sock).


  1. Find your vehicle make, model and tyre size.
  2. If no entry shown for your vehicle/tyre size - recheck and then contact us.
  3. If your vehicle & tyre size combination is listed, then the columns that are filled-in are ok according to Konig (i.e. this model/tyre combination can accommodate this thickness of chain). Look out for K-Slim (7mm), and the 9mm, 12mm & 16mm columns.

Please be patient as these are quite large files

Download as PDF Here (PDF file 1.1MB): Snow Chain Fitting Guide 2016

Download as Excel Spreadsheet Here (Excel file 1.2MB): Thule Snowchain Fit Guide 2016

This guide is often conservative about which chains you can fit, so if it only lists a 7mm chain, you may well be able to fit a 9mm, ditto if it lists a 12mm you may well fit a 16mm - so a manual clearance check is strongly advised and could save you money. (More on manual clearance checks here.)