Polar Automotive is the main distributor of Konig Snowchains in the UK

König was founded in 1966 as spin-off of Trafilerie Boghi in Lecco, Italy.

In 1994 König, as one of the leading companies in Europe, was awarded the ISO 9002 quality certificate which was followed in 1999 by the ISO 9001 certificate.

In 1998, the first 9 mm snow chain was presented with the "COMFORT" brand name. The following year the new "MAGIC" snow chain, with a self-tensioning system, was presented. The "MAGIC" snow chain was awarded the Panel of Judges' Prize at the International Technical Creations Awards.

In 2001 was presented the new "SUPERMAGIC" system, which allows the snow chain's automatic release.

2004: König was acquired by the world leader in the load carriers industry: the Swedish company THULE.

The acquisition of König by the company THULE consolidated the growth policies of the snow chain leader, creating a new worldwide player in the car accessories business. In 2008 a new innovation in snow chains was launched by Thule: the K-Summit, the universal 'zero clearance' chain that attaches to a wheel nut. In 2012 the fastest/easiest to fit snow chain in the market was launched: the Easy-Fit

2015: Konig was aqcuired by the Austrian manufacturer 'Schneeketten AG', the parent company of Pewag snow chains who subsequently reinstated the König brand name. 

Since then the K-Summit range has grown to cover larger SUVs and Vans, while other ranges have expanded to cater for ever growing tyre-sizes, and new ranges have been introduced for the growing Crossover market such as the XG-Cross. In 2023 the Easy-Fit was further developed into the Reflex Cross and Reflex Edge ranges.

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